The 13 Best Free AI Copywriting Tools to Boost Your Creative Writing in September 2023

A free ai copywriting tool robot talks with a human

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By Vincent Bythe/Claude 2

Content creation is easier than ever thanks to artificial intelligence. Free AI copywriting tools can help generate, edit, and optimize written content in seconds. For bloggers, marketers, and businesses, these tools are revolutionizing how quickly high-quality, SEO-friendly copy can be produced.

We live in an age of artificial intelligence. Once a far-fetched sci-fi fantasy, AI is now part of our everyday lives. And one of the most exciting AI applications is using it to generate written content.

AI copywriting tools can help creative professionals, bloggers, marketers, and businesses automate content creation and optimize their copy. The best part? Many offer excellent free versions.

In this post, we’ll explore the top 13 free AI copywriting tools available in September 2023. For each tool, we’ll summarize its key features, pros and cons, and use cases.

An artificial intelligence robot with a pen writing on a notepad using free ai copywriting tools

Free AI Copywriting Tools

1. ChatGPT

Launched by OpenAI in late 2022, ChatGPT ↗ took the world by storm with its human-like conversational abilities. While not specifically a copywriting tool, ChatGPT can generate high-quality written content on demand.

Key Features:

  • Conversational interface where you can give it prompts and have a back and forth dialogue
  • Generates content on any topic within seconds
  • Tones and adjusts content based on instructions


  • Completely free to use
  • Impressively human-like, nuanced writing
  • Easy to guide its output through conversation
  • Very quick content generation
  • Helpful explanatory responses


  • Can sometimes generate incorrect facts
  • Limited to exchanges of 2000 tokens (characters) per conversation
  • Requires careful prompt crafting to get best results

Use Cases:
 Blog post drafts, social media captions, ad copy, research content

Overall Rating: 4/5


2. Bard

Google’s conversational AI chatbot Bard ↗ aims to compete with ChatGPT. It focuses on providing fresh, high-quality content full of useful information.

Key Features:

  • Also has a conversational interface
  • Google’s advanced AI can pull real-time data from the web
  • Currently only available to testers


  • Backed by Google’s powerful LaMDA AI
  • Can potentially provide more accurate, up-to-date info
  • Seamless integration with Google products


  • Very limited availability in testing phase
  • Accuracy and capabilities still unproven
  • Quality of results varies widely

Use Cases:
 Research-based writing, blog posts, marketing copy

Overall Rating: 3/5


3. Bing Chat

Microsoft’s new Bing Chat ↗ uses the powerful GPT-3.5 language model to have natural conversations and generate text.

Key Features

  • Conversational interface with Bing’s friendly chatbot, Sydney
  • Creates summaries, translations, and text on demand
  • Integrated seamlessly into Bing search engine


  • Accessible to millions of Bing users
  • Helpful for research by pulling web results
  • Fun, informal tone


  • Prone to hallucination without web sources
  • Writing quality varies
  • Personality lacks depth

Use Cases:
 Casual business writing, social media, brainstorming

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


4. ↗ by Anthropic provides you with a bunch of powerful AI assistants to generate exceptional quality content.: ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo, ChatGPT 4 (limited access), Claude 2 100K (limited access), ClaudeInstant, GooglePalm2, as well as their very own (and very good) Assistant, based on ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo. All for free! You can also make your own custom robots based on the models provided. If you subscribe, you can gain more access to ChatGPT 4 and Claude 2 100k for a subscription fee. 

Key Features:

  • Converse naturally and Claude writes for you
  • Customizable with your brand voice and tone
  • Build your own custom robots


  • Many popular models to choose from – all for free!
  • Assistant has very high accuracy and coherence
  • Mimics your unique writing style
  • Helpful explanatory responses
  • Thoughtful, nuanced responses


  • Can be a little slow compared to other tools
  • Free version has very limited prompts on GPT 4 and Claude 2

Use Cases:
 Articles, stories, speeches, reports

Overall Rating: 5/5


Top view of a laptop with multiple chat bubbles coming from the screen, free ai copywriting assistant, artificial intelligence communication concept

5. Writesonic

Writesonic ↗ is an AI content generator perfect for creating marketing copy quickly.

Key Features:

  • Submit a brief detailing topics, tone, keywords, etc
  • Generates complete marketing copy in seconds
  • Free version limited to 250 words per month


  • Specializes in marketing and ad copy
  • Super fast generation
  • Allows tweaking of tone and keywords


  • Limited free version
  • Can sound generic or stilted
  • Focused solely on marketing use cases

Use Cases:
 Ads, taglines, product descriptions

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


6. Shortly

Shortly ↗ sums up content into concise, accurate summaries.

Key Features:

  • Pastes text or url and Shortly summarizes
  • Adjustable parameters like length, formality
  • Free limited to 5 summaries per month


  • Excellent for summarizing articles or papers
  • Polished, natural sounding results
  • Retains key points well


  • Not for generating original content
  • Limited free version
  • Loses some context/nuance

Use Cases:
 Summarizing research, articles, books

Overall Rating: 4/5


7. Rytr

Rytr ↗ is an AI writing assistant that helps you create optimized content quickly.

Key Features:

  • Input topics, keywords, tone to generate text
  • Built-in SEO optimization
  • Free version up to 2000 characters per month


  • Strong results for SEO-focused content
  • Helpful for writing templates and outlines


  • Sounds robotic at times
  • Heavily limited free version

Use Cases:
 SEO blog posts, marketing copy


8. Quillbot

Quillbot ↗ rephrases text to make it sound completely new while preserving the original meaning.

Key Features:

  • Paraphrasing tool for rewriting text
  • Change formality, conciseness, tone
  • Unlimited paraphrases on free version


  • Unlimited rewrites make it quite useful
  • Great for improving existing text


  • Not an original content generator
  • Meaning can get lost in translation

Use Cases:
 Rephrasing and improving existing copy


9. Shortly descriptive

Shortly Descriptive ↗ creates detailed descriptions for your product based on a brief prompt.

Key Features:

  • Submit product name, details, target audience
  • Generates creative product descriptions
  • Limited to 5 product descriptions per month


  • Specialized for product descriptions
  • Helpful for ecommerce sites and marketplaces


  • Limited use cases beyond product copy
  • Small free version allowance

Use Cases:
Ecommerce product copy, Amazon listings


10. ↗ generates marketing copy for landing pages, social media, and more tailored to your business.

Key Features:

  • Enter basic details and writes full copy blocks
  • Specializes in marketing and conversion focused copy
  • Free version limited to 2000 characters per month


  • Created specifically for marketing teams
  • Helps new marketers get started with copy


  • Heavily limited free version
  • Can sound salesy or robotic

Use Cases:
 Blog posts, social media captions, landing pages


11. Shortly Readable

Shortly Readable ↗ simplifies complex text into clear, understandable language.

Key Features:

  • Copy and paste text or URL to be simplified
  • Adjust parameters like reading level or formality
  • Free version limited to 5 reads per month


  • Excellent for breaking down dense, complex writing
  • Preserves meaning remarkably well


  • Not useful for original writing
  • Small free version limit

Use Cases:
 Simplifying research papers, legal contracts, complicated concepts

12. INK Auris

INK Auris ↗ specializes in transcribing audio content into text.

Key Features:

  • Upload audio files or insert links to transcribe
  • Edit and format transcripts after creation
  • Free account offers 60 minutes of transcription per month


  • Accurate audio transcription
  • Helpful for converting podcasts or interviews into blog posts


  • Free version time limit still quite restricted
  • Can sometimes miss nuances in audio

Use Cases:
Transcribing interviews, podcasts, and presentations into text

13. Shortly Original

Shortly Original ↗ creates original long-form content with an engaging tone on topics of your choice.

Key Features:

  • Enter subject, tone, keywords and Shortly writes
  • Adjust length from 1-5 paragraphs
  • Limited to 5 pieces of content per month


  • Quickly generate original long-form content
  • Has a lively, conversational tone


  • Not the most natural-sounding
  • Very limited free version

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A free ai copywriting assistant robot communicates with a human

Grab Your Favorite Pen, Paper, and AI Writing Assistant!

Stuck staring at a blank page? AI can help spark creative copywriting. Tools like ChatGPT make generating fresh ideas and drafts a breeze.

ChatGPT’s conversational format lets you brainstorm angles and premises collaboratively. Ask it to develop personas or compose scene descriptions and you’ve got an AI writing assistant at your fingertips. While ChatGPT won’t wholly replace human ingenuity, its instant ideation and content generation dramatically accelerates workflow.

The key is crafting clear, detailed prompts and letting ChatGPT work its magic. Give it keywords, specify tone and length, and gain access to an endless font of copy. Then simply review its drafts, picking ideal excerpts to refine and polish.

Before you know it, you’ve transformed that daunting blank page into a finished piece with an irresistible hook – all thanks to AI’s helping hand. So next time you need ideation or copy, try chatting with ChatGPT to supercharge your copywriting.

What’s been your experience using AI tools like ChatGPT for copywriting? Share your thoughts below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI do copywriting?

Yes, AI copywriting tools like, Jasper, and others can generate marketing copy and content. These tools employ natural language processing algorithms to analyze prompts and data about your business. Then they produce unique written content tailored to your target audience and goals. For example, you can give a few sentences about your product and target customer, and it will output on-brand copy for social media, ads, emails, and more. The AI can even mimic your brand’s tone of voice.

Can I use AI for copywriting?

Absolutely. Many copywriters and marketers now use AI tools to help ideate, draft, edit, and reformat copy more efficiently. You can use AI for all types of copywriting from blog posts to product descriptions. For instance, Jasper’s AI can brainstorm catchy headlines and opening lines for your next blog post. Or you can give Writesonic details about your product features and it will generate multiple paragraphs of optimized marketing copy. AI takes care of the heavy lifting while you focus on strategy and refinement.

What is the best AI copywriting tool?

The “best” AI copywriting tool depends on your specific needs and budget. Top options like and Jasper offer free versions with limited word counts. has 90+ content types while Jasper specializes in long-form. If researching topics, Copymatic integrates with Google. For SEO blog posts, Rytr optimizes for keywords. For creatives, Writesonic mimics your unique style. Compare free trials to find the best fit based on your brand voice, industry, use case and workflow.

How does AI copywriting work?

AI copywriting uses natural language generation and deep learning algorithms to produce written text. After analyzing your prompts and content details, the machine learning model generates new combinations of words structured into logical sentences and paragraphs. More advanced AI can even adapt tone, style, and logic while writing just like a human. The AI model improves over time with more data and training. To the reader, the output looks completely original even though it’s machine-generated.

Is learning copywriting worth it?

Yes, building copywriting skills is highly valuable for marketing careers and business owners even in the age of AI. While tools like can automate parts of the process, human oversight is still required to craft strategic messaging that resonates emotionally. Learning the fundamentals allows you to get the most out of AI as a copywriting tool. Invest time to practice writing and guiding the AI for maximum effectiveness. The skills will pay dividends.

Can AI replace copywriting?
While advanced, AI cannot fully replace human copywriters yet. AI excels at drafting content, but still benefits from human supervision, editing, and oversight before publication.

Can you do copywriting with AI?
You can absolutely leverage AI to supercharge your copywriting. Use AI to ideate content angles, create initial drafts to build on, analyze your tone and style, and more. AI streamlines copywriting but works best alongside humans.

Can copywriting be done by AI?
To some extent, yes. AI copywriting tools can research topics, analyze data, and produce complete marketing copy. But for nuanced, strategic messaging, human copywriters are still preferred to oversee and polish AI-generated content.

Will AI replace copywriters?
It’s unlikely AI will completely replace human copywriters in the near future. AI can automate parts of the process, but creative strategy and critical thinking still require human ingenuity. AI will augment copywriters rather than replace them.

Will copywriting be automated?
Parts of the copywriting workflow are already being automated by AI, like drafting initial content. But strategic messaging and connecting with audiences emotionally will still require human copywriters’ skills. Complete automation is unlikely soon.

Can AI be copyrighted?
No. Under current copyright law, AI cannot legally own or produce copyrighted material. Anything generated by AI belongs to the human user or company running the AI system.

Is copywriting illegal?
Copywriting itself is not illegal, but misleading, deceptive, or defamatory copywriting practices can be against the law. Ethical, transparent copywriting that provides value is encouraged.

Did AI create Bitcoin?
No. Bitcoin was created in 2008 by the unknown person or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Given AI technology at the time, AI could not have created something as complex as Bitcoin.

When did copywriting start?
Copywriting originated in the early 20th century as mass communication and advertising grew. Claude Hopkins is considered one of the pioneers of modern copywriting with his persuasive techniques in the 1920s.

Does copywriting cost money?
Professional copywriting services do have fees, but anyone can learn copywriting skills on their own. AI tools like also provide free tiers to create copy yourself. Quality copywriting has value but can be accessible.

How much do advertising copywriters make?
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual pay for advertising copywriters is $67,120. The top 10% make over $112,000 annually. Salary varies based on experience, industry, and location.

Can AI replace writers?
Unlikely any time soon. While AI can draft writing, human creativity, strategy, and judgment are still required to resonate with audiences. AI will augment writers rather than replace them in the foreseeable future.

Has AI been created?
AI technology has been in development since the 1950s. Narrow AI able to perform specific tasks exists today. However, human-level artificial general intelligence (AGI) has not yet been successfully created.

Has AI been invented yet?
Yes, AI as a concept was invented in the 1950s. Today AI is used in many applications like search engines, digital assistants, and content creation. But human-like AGI does not exist yet. AI is continuously evolving.

Can I have AI write a story?
AI can generate unique story ideas and drafts. But human creativity, emotion, and editing are still required to craft compelling, coherent narratives. AI story tools like Shortly can assist writers.

Can AI do AI ad copy?
AI copywriting tools like can create effective, strategic ad copy tailored to your campaign goals. AI analyzes data to produce optimized, high-converting advertisements.

How to use AI for copywriting?
Upload brand details and content goals into an AI copywriting tool. Provide prompts and let the AI generate draft copy. Review and edit the AI’s work to polish it before publishing.

How to make money copywriting with AI?
You can offer AI-powered copywriting services to clients, produce copy for your own business, or sell AI-generated content. AI tools increase output to earn more. Offer human editing.

How will AI affect copywriting?
AI will augment human copywriters, not replace them. AI can automate parts of the process but human creativity is still essential. AI enables more efficient, optimized, and personalized copywriting.

How to get better at copywriting?
Study persuasive techniques. Analyze effective copy examples. Practice writing regularly. Get feedback from target audiences. Leverage tools like AI to ideate and analyze your copy. Focus on providing real value.

How to learn about copywriting?
Read books and articles about copywriting fundamentals. Take copywriting courses online. Follow blogs of skilled copywriters. Join communities to exchange ideas. Use AI tools to practice and get insights.

How hard is copywriting?
Copywriting has a learning curve but core skills can be developed with practice. AI tools make creating effective copy more accessible. Having an aptitude for persuasive writing helps. Enhance skills over time.

Is AI copywriting worth it?
Yes, AI copywriting tools offer an efficient way to produce optimized marketing copy at scale. While results vary based on the tool, AI copywriting can save time while enhancing content. Careful oversight is still required.

What is AI copywriting?
AI copywriting uses artificial intelligence algorithms to generate unique, high-converting marketing copy based on data and prompts provided by the user. Text generation models create drafts, allowing faster ideation.

Is copywriting dead because of AI?
No. Although AI can automate parts of the copywriting process, creative human input is still essential for impactful storytelling and strategic messaging that connects emotionally with audiences.

Is AI taking over copywriting?
While AI copywriting tools are beneficial, human creativity and judgment are irreplaceable. AI doesn’t fully “take over” the process but rather enhances it. Humans are still required to fine-tune AI copy.

Is copywriting going to be replaced by AI?
It’s unlikely AI will completely replace professional copywriters in the foreseeable future. AI excels at drafting copy but still needs human guidance. AI will transform aspects of copywriting but not make humans obsolete.

Is AI killing copywriting?
Yes! And it eats babies and kittens for breakfast too 🙂 No, skilled human copywriters are still very much needed. AI copy tools help generate drafts more efficiently but human creativity, strategy and emotional appeal are irreplaceable when resonating with audiences. AI augments rather than eliminates copywriters.

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